2015 will be the year Solar Impulse has been working towards: the attempt of the First Round-The-World Solar Flight. Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, our two Pilots and Founders, will fly around the world with no fuel, rising up to technical, human and operational challenges that have never been faced before.


The route: From the deserts of the Persian Gulf, dodging the unrelenting Indian monsoon, flying over the Burmese temples and the great wall of China, followed by two oceans crossings (with an American “dream” break in between), all to come back around to where it all began in the Persian Gulf.

The Airplane: Solar Impulse 2, the Round-The-World Solar Airplane, has been developed to meet the #RTW challenges. Larger in wingspan than a Jumbo Jet, but as light as a SUV, this solar airplane presents structural and aerodynamic features never before encountered.

The Pilots: one after the other, Bertrand and André will take place alone in the cockpit for the #RTW legs.



Building and flying a solar airplane around the world is something many consider impossible. Discover the 3 main challenges our pilots and team will face:

1. To build an aircraft capable of flying day and night powered only by solar energy: it required the optimization of new technologies and a drastic reduction in weight and energy consumption. The whole team had to push back the frontiers of knowledge in materials science, energy management and the human-machine interface.

2. Flying a solar airplane over more than 5 days and 5 nights across the oceans, alone in a 3.8m3 cockpit at the same altitude as a commercial airplane with no pressurized cabin… this is what Bertrand and André will have to achieve one after the other in order to succeed.

3. Operating such an extra-ordinary aircraft around the world has never been done before. Completely new solutions had to be found.



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