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Solar Impulse’s Clean Generation is a people-powered movement asking politicians, business leaders, and other decision-makers to take positive action on deploying clean technology. Everywhere we fly, our community of 35,207 Friends helps us inspire others to act – and with your support, our movement will be even stronger – care to join us?

By becoming a project supporter you will receive priority news about flights as well as insights about the pilots and the team. The first generation solar aircraft demonstrated that it’s possible to fly day and night without fuel in 2010, completed the world’s first intercontinental flight connecting Switzerland to Morocco in 2012 and achieved the historic coast-to-coast crossing of the US, San Francisco to New York City. The ultimate challenge will be the flight around the world, scheduled for 2015, that will be undertaken by the second generation aircraft currently under construction and expected to be completed by the end of 2013.

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